In 2017, U.S. vehicle deaths topped 40,000. Motor vehicle accidents, fatal and non-fatal, are on the rise and can be devastating to your life. If you were involved in a motor vehicle accident and were injured, you need the assistance of a quality law firm.  At The Law Offices of John Morrison, LLC, we ensure that all our clients receive the maximum recovery possible for their injuries.  We specialize in automobile accident claims, but we handle all types of personal injury cases.  And we have represented clients all over the United States, from Florida to Washington, so do not hesitate to contact our law firm, even if you do not reside in Georgia.

The law provides that you can receive compensation for any injuries, permanent disabilities, or loss of earning capacity you suffer because of someone else’s negligence.  Specifically, you can receive compensation for your medical bills, lost wages (including lost earning potential in the future), and pain and suffering.  This means that the insurer must compensate you fully for the harm done by the negligent party.

At The Law Offices of John Morrison, LLC, we have decades of combined experience litigating motor vehicle accident cases, including head-on collisions and hit-and-run accidents, and we have recovered millions of dollars for our clients.  We help injury victims navigate the legal process to recover just compensation for their medical bills, wage losses, and pain and suffering.  We pride ourselves on attaining results quickly for our clients. And you do not pay an attorney fee for your personal injury claim until and unless you recover money.

If you are facing a recent injury you believe is the result of medical malpractice, contact the legal professionals at the Law Office of John Morrison, LLC today. You can reach our office by calling 770-951-8900.