Negligent Truck Maintenance, Service, or Repairs

Trucking companies and truck drivers have a responsibility to keep the vehicles they operate in good working condition. This means complying with federal and state regulations for maintaining commercial vehicles. It also means that companies should never neglect regular maintenance and should address any mechanical errors promptly and before the driver operates the truck again. Unfortunately, negligent truck maintenance leads to serious, even deadly, accidents in Gwinnett County and around Georgia.
If you suffered injuries in an accident with a large truck, you may need to seek financial compensation that pays for lost wages and medical treatments. Work with the Law Offices of John Morrison to investigate the various factors that contributed to your wreck, including poor maintenance and inadequate repairs.

Common Types of Negligent Service, Maintenance, or Repairs

Inadequate maintenance and repairs can make large trucks unsafe, especially when traveling at high speeds and on crowded interstates in Gwinnett County. The following are some common problems that can lead to truck accidents.

  • Faulty brakes
  • Overheated engines
  • Defective tires
  • Broken signals
  • Missed or delayed inspections

Some vehicle malfunctions are unpredictable, but others are easy to identify and catch before they become a safety concern. A simple tire inspection, for example, might reveal worn tread, indicating that it is time to replace the truck’s tires promptly.
Moreover, trucking companies should monitor how far their drivers have traveled on any particular tires, as well as the weight they transported, so they know approximately when it is time to change the tires.
Unfortunately, not all truck companies and drivers give this level of attention to the maintenance and repairs of the tires and the rest of the vehicle.

Responsible Parties in Negligent Service, Maintenance, or Repair Cases

There are numerous parties involved in the safe operation of commercial vehicles, including, but not limited to, the following.

  • The truck driver
  • The trucking company
  • The maintenance company
  • An individual mechanic
  • A parts supplier
  • The truck’s manufacturer

Negligent truck maintenance can run several levels deep. For example, if a parts supplier sends the wrong or faulty part to a poorly-trained mechanic who is unqualified to identify the problem in the first place, you may have three parties potentially liable for inadequate service. The supplier is negligent for sending the wrong part, the mechanic is liable for not correctly installing the part or not verifying the part was correct, and the maintenance company is liable for hiring a negligent mechanic.

As you can see, negligent service and maintenance claims can get very complex. Obtaining the evidence for these cases of negligence can be difficult, especially if you do not know where to start your accident investigation.

Get Help from the Law Offices of John Morrison

In order to file an injury claim for damages suffered in an accident with a large truck, you will need evidence to prove another party’s negligence. We have the resources and knowledge to collect the proper evidence. This may include vehicle maintenance records, driver logs, and inspection records. We may also find witnesses or experts who can describe how and why the accident occurred.
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