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Types of Damages & Compensation for an Accident in Gwinnett County

You were in the hospital for a week, your doctor said you cannot return to work for at least a month, and your wife has taken all her personal time to help you after your accident. This is only scratching the surface of the types of burdens an accident victim can face. These burdens take an emotional and financial toll on your family. Fortunately, you can recover several types of damages and compensation for an accident in Gwinnett County.
Georgia law allows you to recover economic, noneconomic, and punitive damages that you can recover. How much compensation you can get depends on the type of accident that caused your injuries and the effects of the accident on your health and finances, so work with attorney John Morrison to thoroughly build your case.


Types of Economic Damages

Economic damages include the expenses and financial losses related to your accident. Two of the most common types of economic compensation people recover in personal injury claims are medical expenses and lost wages.


  • Medical expenses

should cover your current medical bills, plus any estimated costs of care you are expected to need in the future. This is especially important for catastrophic injuries that cause long-term or permanent disabilities.


  • Lost wage compensation

should cover any reductions or pauses in your regular paycheck due to time you had to take off work as a result of the accident. You should also consider your long-term earning capacity after the accident.

There are other possible types of economic compensation depending on the nature of your accident. For example, if your injuries prevent you from doing regular housekeeping and childcare duties, you may have to hire a house cleaner or childcare professional to help around the house.

In cases of a wrongful death, the family may recover damages for funeral expenses and loss of their loved one’s earning capacity.


Types of Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages are better known as pain and suffering. These are damages that cannot be measured by any receipts or bills. Rather, it addresses the emotional damage a serious accident can cause.

When you suffer a serious injury, it can cause depression, frustration, mood swings, and anxiety for both you and your family. Pain and suffering addresses these effects, though your economic damages can address any costs of mental health professionals you see for conditions related to your injuries.

In wrongful death cases, the surviving family members suffer from grief and the loss of companionship, support, or consortium, and may recover these damages as part of their non-economic compensation.


Punitive Damages

In cases of accidents caused by gross or willful negligence, the court may assess punitive damages against the liable party. Punitive damages act as a punishment to the liable party and serve as a deterrent to prevent any future malicious behavior. Georgia caps punitive damages at $250,000, except in cases involving intentional harm, drugs or alcohol.


Attorney John Morrison Can Help You Collect Compensation

The insurance companies will rarely give you a fair settlement without intense negotiations. The Law Offices of John Morrison, LLC is here to help you fight for what you are entitled to in your personal injury claim in Gwinnett County. Give us a call at 770-951-8900 or fill out our contact form. We will schedule a free, no-obligation consultation to learn the details of your case and help you understand your damages and what they may be worth.