What to Do After an Accident

What to Do After an Accident in Georgia

Car accidents, dog bites, motorcycle crashes – these types of accidents are a part of everyday life no matter where you live in Georgia. Knowing what to do after an accident in Georgia could be the difference between winning and losing your claim. If you are seriously injured, act fast if you intend to recover damages.

The days and weeks that follow an accident can be confusing times as you deal with medical care, insurance adjusters, and trying to keep your life in order. Take the following steps after an accident to protect your case and get help as soon as you can from the Law Offices of John Morrison, LLC.


Seek Medical Care if You Have Not Already

Immediately following the accident, it is important to seek medical care, even if you think your injuries are not serious. If you did not go to the hospital or emergency room after your accident, set up an appointment with your doctor as soon as you can. Not only will this ensure you get the care you need, it is a good way to start building evidence of your injuries. This will be vital should you choose to file a personal injury claim.


Gather and Preserve Evidence

In order to successfully file a personal injury or wrongful death claim, you must have evidence proving another party’s negligence caused the accident and your injuries. Gather evidence of how the accident occurred, who was involved, and most importantly, who was at fault.

File Your Injury Claim

The type of insurance claim you file will vary depending on the accident and circumstances.

If you were in a motor vehicle accident, you can file a claim with the at-fault party’s liability coverage. You may have coverage on your own policy that can help you pay for damages as well.

Other types of accidents may require filing with other types of insurance. If a dog bit you, for example, you may file a claim with the owner’s homeowner or renter’s insurance. If you slipped and fell on another property, you may also file with a homeowner or renter’s insurance policy. If you were the victim of malpractice, you may file a claim with the doctor’s malpractice insurance carrier.

In any type of accident, photographs of the scene and your injuries are helpful, as they can help establish what happened and show the immediate results. In cases of traffic accidents, get photos of the vehicles involved. For dog attacks, images of the dog and where it was contained or encountered can be helpful.

Preserve any physical evidence, such as the vehicles involved in an auto accident, a broken collar lead from a dog attack, or a snapped staircase railing from a slip and fall. Even damaged clothing that the victim was wearing during an accident can be useful.

Third party reports from witnesses are another critical type of evidence. They can provide testimony that will give a third-party perspective on how the accident happened. You do not have to interview them on the spot; just get their contact information and your attorney will handle it.

Obtain copies for your records. Talk to the police officer for procedures to obtain the report, as they may vary from one department to another.

You also need the contact information of the other party or parties involved, which are often included in the police or accident report.


“You also need the contact information of the other party or parties involved, which are often included in the police or accident report”


Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

Work with John Morrison to identify the correct insurance policy against which to file your claim, and for help with the entire process.

No matter what type of insurance handles your injury claim, it is important to have your lawyer review any requests for statements, evidence, or any settlement offers, before complying or accepting. Most insurance companies low-ball their initial offer, if they offer anything at all, and will not compensate you fully for the entire scope of your damages.

By working with the Law Offices of John Morrison, LLC, you can have a professional review your claim, gather your evidence, and help settle your case only when he believes the other party offered you a fair amount of compensation. We will even take the case to court if necessary to get you the compensation you deserve.

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