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In 2017, U.S. vehicle deaths topped 40,000. Motor vehicle accidents, fatal and non-fatal, are on the rise and can be devastating to your life. If you were involved in a motor vehicle accident and were injured, you need the assistance of a quality law firm.  At The Law Offices of John Morrison, LLC, we ensure that all our clients receive the maximum recovery possible for their injuries.

When you are in a car crash, dealing with the shock of the situation and tending to your injuries will be your first points of concern. After you have reported the accident to the authorities and sought medical attention, you can then start looking into filing a claim or lawsuit to recover your damages. This can be a long and complex process in some cases. For help, call the car accident attorney John Morrison to review your options – particularly if your accident was serious.

How do I seek compensation for my injuries?

If you were in an accident and you were at fault, you will need to turn to your own insurance company to recover damages. Your liability coverage will pay for damages that other parties sustained in the accident and if you carry medical payments coverage and collision coverage, your insurer will pay for your medical bills and property damage up to your policy’s limit.
However, if someone else was at fault, you can file a claim against their insurance company or file a lawsuit to recover damages. In order to pursue a car accident liability claim or suit, you must be able to show that the other party’s negligence caused your accident. You can use various types of evidence to accomplish this such as the police report, photos, video, and witness testimonies.
You will also need to be able to provide a detailed list and proof of all of your accident-related injuries and damages. Be as thorough as possible. Attorney John Morrison can help you collect everything you need to prove your damages and ensure your claim is calculated correctly.

What types of car accident cases do I need an attorney for?

Over 116,000 people were injured and nearly 1,200 people died in traffic accidents on Georgia roadways in 2013, according to the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety. When the damages are substantial, and the injuries are serious or a fatality occurred, make sure you have an attorney help you with your claim. We have witnessed insurers take advantage of accident victims who are unfamiliar with the claims process. If you are not clear on what your rights are or what funds you might be entitled to, call us for help so you receive a full recovery.
Our firm handles all types of car accident cases across the state of Georgia. We are equipped to handle even the most severe or contentious claims. Some of the most common types of cases we handle include the following.

How do I proceed with my car accident case?

After an accident, start collecting all the pertinent documents and information to support your claim. The insurance companies may try to elicit a statement or more information from you, but it is important to talk to an attorney first. We can prevent you from making any inadvertent mistakes that could hurt your claim, and can explain the best route to take for recovery.
To get started, call our firm, the Law Offices of John Morrison, LLC, and speak to a member of our car accident legal team. You can use our contact form, or call 770-951-8900 and schedule a free case evaluation.

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