Rear end Accidents

Rear-end accidents in Gwinett County

Rear-end accidents are among the most common types of car accidents. They happen for a lot of reasons – a driver not paying attention at a red light, a driver who is following too closely, a driver who cuts off another vehicle, etc. Establishing the cause of the accident is very important to proving fault and getting compensation. Attorney John Morrison can help you handle every aspect of your case if you were in a rear-end car accident in Gwinnett County, so get in touch with us by calling 770-951-8900.

Is the rear driver always at fault?

Many assume that the driver of the car that hits the other car from behind is automatically at fault. This is not always the case.

Keep this in mind: every driver has several responsibilities when operating a vehicle. When a driver fails to uphold these responsibilities, the driver may be negligent. Negligence is a key factor in determining fault.

When a driver who is involved in a rear-end crash is neglectful of any of the following duties and causes an accident, he may be responsible for damages.

  • Maintaining a safe distance between his vehicle and other vehicles on the road.
  • Yielding to another vehicle that has the right of way.
  • Ensuring he has enough room to change lanes.
  • Driving at a safe and legal speed.
  • Maintaining control of his vehicle.
  • Signaling any turns within a safe distance prior to the turn.

So while in many cases the rear driver is responsible for a rear-end accident, the driver in front may be liable if he cut off the other driver, for example. If you are filing an accident claim, review the details of the case and what caused the accident with John Morrison. Through proper evidence and legal argument, we can help you establish negligence, causation, and the damages you suffered.

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Before accepting any settlement offers from an insurance company or agreeing to accept responsibility in a rear-end car accident be sure to protect your rights by speaking with a qualified attorney. John Morrison and his legal team can review your case and provide you with an analysis of the responsible party and what damages you may be entitled to. To speak with a car accident attorney, contact us today at (770) 951-8900.

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