Construction Accident Lawyer in Gwinnett County

As anybody who has ever worked on a construction site knows, they can be riddled with dangers. A worker may sustain injuries from a fall, defective machinery or scaffolding, collapsing walls and floors, and more. Talk to a construction accident lawyer in Gwinnett County from the Law Offices of John Morrison to review the various legal avenues through which you could recover compensation.

Cause of the Construction Accident is Important

If you, a co-worker, or your employer caused or contributed to the accident, then you can file a claim for workers’ compensation. This is a no-fault system that lets you recover benefits under Georgia’s workers’ compensation system, but you are unable to sue the employer in most cases.

But construction sites usually have employees of multiple companies on the site at once. So it is very possible that a party other than you employer caused or contributed to the accident. This might include another sub-contractor, the property owner, an equipment manufacturer, and more. In such cases, you might be able to file a third-party liability claim against the negligent party responsible for the accident.
Below are some examples of common factors that cause construction accidents.

  • Safety violations:

    Employers must follow OSHA and other safety standards to ensure a safe working environment, even in the inherently dangerous construction industry. Failure to do so can cause accidents. An employer may face penalties for a violation of OSHA laws, and workers may cite it as a contributing factor to their injury. If one’s own employer is at fault, the injured party may file for workers’ compensation. If another employer is at fault, the injured party may file a third-party claim.

  • Faulty machinery:

    There is a lot of machinery on a construction site. From vehicles to nail guns, if equipment malfunctions and causes an injury, then the injured worker may file a workers’ compensation claim as well as a third-party claim against the manufacturer.

  • Negligent hiring:

    While the skill required to work on a construction site varies depending on the worker’s job function, employers should ensure that they hire people who are qualified. If they do not, it puts others at risk. Again, if the injured party’s own employer hired an unqualified worker who caused an accident, he may have a workers’ compensation claim. Otherwise, he may file a third-party liability claim against the negligent third party employer.

Construction Site Injuries to Passersby

In other cases, a passerby not affiliated with any company doing work on the site suffers an injury. Falling objects, misplaced equipment, poor vehicle operation, and other factors might pose risks to people nearby.

In these cases, we work with you to determine what caused your accident and the party responsible. Employers are vicariously liable for their employees’ actions in most cases, so if a negligent worker is to blame, you may have a case against his employer.

What do I do now?

Filing a workers’ compensation or third-party claim after a construction accident can be complicated. For help, contact the Law Offices of John Morrison, LLC at 770-951-8900. Tell us your story and we will show you how we can help.