Disabling & Life threating Injuries

Getting Compensation for Severe Car Accident Injuries in Gwinnett County

Severe car accident injuries in Gwinnett County like brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and amputations can affect victims and their family emotionally as well as financially. And accident victims may not be fully prepared to account for the full scope of the expenses and losses they will face in the short and long-term.

When pursuing a personal injury claim for catastrophic injuries, you need to make sure that any accident claim you file takes into account how this disabling injury will affect you now and in the future. Make sure you have legal representation to help you do this. You can reach attorney John Morrison at 770-951-8900  to start working on your case.


How Catastrophic Injuries Affect Victims in the Short and Long-Term

Head trauma, brain injuries, and spinal cord injuries are often life-threatening and require immediate and thorough medical care to survive. Even after the initial crisis is over, most people who suffer these injuries may require intensive therapy.


This means significant medical bills in the short-term and long-term costs associated with ongoing treatment and therapy. Even if you have health insurance, co-pays and deductibles, it can create a significant financial burden on victims and their families.

While some injuries may improve over time, others require permanent medical assistance. Victims may need wheelchairs to get around or may require home health care services. Some even require adapted vehicles, home modifications, or must reside in a long-term care facility.

Further, many victims of severe injuries develop some type of permanent disability or impairment. Every injury will have different results, ranging from cognitive impairment to physical disabilities. This can prevent victims from returning to work in the same capacity, or at all. The loss of or reduction in income can make any financial hardship a family is experiencing worse.

A severe injury and long-term disability can create significant pain and suffering for victims. Some suffer depression associated with their injury. Further, family caregivers may experience an emotional toll from providing long-term care for an injured loved one.

“You also need the contact information of the other party or parties involved, which are often included in the police or accident report”


Accounting for Severe Injuries and Disability in a Personal Injury Claim

The injury settlement you seek for severe injuries should reflect the damages unique to your case. John Morrison helps victims who suffer brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, amputations, and other severe injuries fully account for the effects of those injuries.

The insurance adjuster may not consider how a family member being paralyzed,for example, can financially damage an entire household in the long-term. We will help you collect evidence like medical bills, statements from experts on your condition, and any other evidence that establishes the long-term prognosis of your injuries.

Further, we will help you share evidence of your pre-injury wages and earning capacity with the insurance company or court, as well as evidence of how your injury prevents or limits your ability to work. Vocational experts and other evidence can help us establish this.

Set up a consultation so we can start going over your injuries and identifying all aspects of your life (short-and long-term) that they affect. Give us a call at 770-951-8900 or schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with us today.

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