How long after my injury do I have to file a claim?

In the state of Georgia, a plaintiff has two years from the date of his accident to file a lawsuit for his claims. While there are some exceptions that can extend this period of time, it is crucial that one you act quickly in order to preserve any claims you may have. Furthermore, an insurance company may look at your claim in a negative light if you delay in acting after the date of your injury. For example, if you delay in obtaining medical treatment for physical injuries caused by motor vehicle accident for an extended period of time, the insurance company will likely claim that your injuries were either preexisting or caused by another event. Remember, insurance company adjusters have one job; to make sure they minimize their risk and minimize the amount that the insurance company has to compensate you for your injuries. For these reasons, it is critically important that you have an attorney protecting your interest and guiding you through the legal process. Furthermore, when an insurance company sees that a plaintiff is represented by an attorney, they will take you more seriously and will make a more reasonable settlement offer.


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